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Online Office Supplies: Amazon.com

About Amazon.com

Any office that has or is shopping for office supplies knows the importance of comparison shopping. Comparison shopping is basically looking at different stores and comparing prices and products. This is done so as to find the best quality of products at the best price. One of the stores that may be considered is an online office store known as Amazon.com. Amazon.com is the office superstore to shop at; there are numerous listings of products out of any category an individual chooses. For instance, if an office needs photo paper, then they would get a choice between many different brands and qualities of photo paper. Amazon.com makes it easy to comparison shop by offering so many different varieties of an office product. Plus, if an office is looking at online reviews as an aid in choosing an office supply store, Amazon.com as more good than bad. Amazon.com offers the entire package when it comes to shopping for office products.


Shopping at Amazon.com

Amazon.com is probably one of the easiest online office stores to navigate because it offers so many ways to find what an office would need. There are categories listed at both the top and the side of this site in order to choose an area in office products that may be needed. These areas or categories are as follows:

  • Office Supplies: This would include calendars, desk accessories, paper, sticky notes, envelopes, writing instruments, etc….
  • Computers: this section includes lap tops, PDA’s, software, desktops, etc….
  • Computer Add-on’s: The products found in this section include inks and toners, printers, memory finders, projectors, etc…
  • Electronics: this includes copiers, fax machines, phones, etc….
  • Furniture: Of course this would include desks, chairs, storage, shelves, and things to decorate an office with.
  • All other office products: these products are things like business presentation supplies, lighting, cameras, etc…

Besides the categories listed above, customers are given the option to shop by brand names and top sellers. There is even a link to office depot; this really allows an office to comparison shop. It does not matter whether an office is looking for a vacuum cleaner of a new computer system; Amazon.com has one of the widest varieties of products available on one site. An office can track find and purchase the supplies needed, track their orders, and then come back later and reorder from the shopping list kept in their account profile. It is also possible to get free shipping on purchases over $25 if the customer buys the eligible products. This really is an office supply superstore.


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