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Staples: An Office Supply Store

Office supplies, aside from people, are the key elements that allow an office run. It is important to find a good office supply store\vendor to obtain the supplies needed. Staples is an office supply store that offers a variety of office supplies and equipment. This is an online office store and a bricks and mortar office store. When considering any vendor, it might be wise to read any reviews written for them, in order to see how other customers were treated by the store and if there are any issues that might need to be considered. As with any store, Staples has good and bad reviews. The bad ones mostly deal with poor customer service and delivery, but the good ones are all for the store. Even with bad reviews, Staples is a great office supply store to consider when looking for office supplies. Besides the reviews there are a few other things an office may need to consider before purchasing any office products. These things are as follows:

  • What does the office actually need as opposed to what may be wanted?
  • What type of budget does the office have?
  • Is there a variety any one type of product to choose from and what is the selection of over all products in the store?
  • Is the price range and quality reasonable?
  • What services does the store offer?


What Does The Online Staples Offer?

Staples offers a lot of different things in order to make shopping for office supplies easier. The site evens offer a section on ways to save money when shopping at one of their stores. The website is broken down into different categories so as to narrow down the search for a particular office product. These categories are as follows:

  • Products: This category is broken down into three areas; office supplies, technology, and furniture.
  • Ink and Toner: This category will offer a choice of machine brands so as to find the correct ink and toner needed.
  • Specials: This category shows the weekly specials on all the products available in the store and what is new in the store.
  • Custom Printing: This section is broken down into areas that include the following: stamps and embossers, business cards and stationary, envelopes and labels, checks, etc….
  • My Account: This is for any customer to access their account information, including orders and reordering.
  • Customer Service: This is the section for customers who need help with orders, the site, seeing the store policies, and more.


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