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Office Max: An Office Supply Store

As with any online and walk in store, Office Max is full of mixed reviews. Some customers hated it and others loved it. Still, though, even with mixed reviews, Office Max is still an office supply store with a good variety of products to choose from. When an office needs supplies they will sometimes compare many different office supply vendors before making a choice; Office Max is one of the vendors some offices research. This store has the option, with at least office supplies, of choosing between top brands and store brands. The online store has a great website, but, customers may not find as many details on the products as they would like, but, over all, there is a great selection of products and prices. For most orders that are over $50, an office may get free delivery. Plus, sometimes there are coupons and rebates, though some reviews have said these things do not work, that will help an office to save money. Plus, the online store offers a clearance section for products that are on sale. An office or individual will need an account to order from this site, which may or may not be good, considering if the order is satisfactory. Office Max maybe considered an office supply superstore because of its wide selection of office products, supplies, and services.


Office Max: An Online Office Supply Store

Office Max is a brick and mortar store and an online store. The online store is broke down into different categories so as to aid an office or customer in finding what the office supplies needed. These categories include the following:

  • Supplies: Pens, paper, clips, rubber bands, presentation boards, etc…
  • Technology: Computers, phone systems, shredders, software, etc….
  • Ink and Toners: As it states, this is a section of different types of inks and toners.
  • Order-by-number: This is an ordering section where a customer would search through a catalog and put the product number in on the website to order.
  • Favorites List: This allows frequent customers to keep a list of products they order a lot and allow them to order those items again without searching for them.
  • Print Services: These services include printing stamps, business cards, calendars, and labels.
  • Store Locator: This tool will help an office to fine an Office Max in their town.

One thing to remember when considering an online office store is to read the reviews. If there are more negative reviews than positive ones, then an individual may want to consider another store. It is also wise to know what the office needs and what type of budget the office is working with, this helps in not overspending or buying things that are not needed. Office Max is a good office supply store to consider, but, one negative thing is their website will show an error concerning connection almost every time something is clicked on. If an individual can look past this, then they will find a huge variety in office products.


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