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Office Depot: An Office Super Store or Not

Office Depot has a lot to choose from when it comes to shopping for office supplies, in fact, this store could be considered an office superstore. Office Depot has online shopping and in store shopping to accommodate every office needs. There is one issue though, on numerous occasions, there have been complaints about Office Depot not honoring their return policies and having bad customer service in some of the branches. This may not be true for all Office Depot stores, but it is something to take into consideration when shopping for office products, especially the expensive ones. Even with some stated complaints, Office Depot or www.officedepot.com is an office superstore.

  • Online Office Store: Office Depot
  • Office Depot has made shopping online for office supplies very easy. It has five different shopping categories and offers several different payment options. The four categories include the following:
  • Office Supplies: This section includes items like filing and storage, pens and paper, calendars and planning, and desk accessories.
  • Office Furniture: This section includes, but is not limited to, tables, desks, chairs, lamps, and shelving.
  • Office Technology: Some of the things included in this section are printers, scanners, computers, laptops, batteries, computer software, and cameras.
  • Office Depot Services: This section will include things like the business resource center, customer service, design services, and printing services.
  • Shopping tools: This is the section to make orders, track orders, add coupons, re-order items, apply for credit cards, and much more.

Office Depot has made online depot as easy as it can possibly be. Not only are the categories, listed above, provided to aid in finding office supplies, but, a customer can also type in the product they are looking for to find it. Once a customer finds an office product they are looking for, and then several brands and models of that product are listed with their price and features. This site even offers a tool to locate a store in a customerís area. There are also ways to narrow down oneís search. One can search by price, brand, or feature. Office Depot is an office superstore that can be used as a home office store or a business office store. One other plus about Office Depots online shopping, if a customer spends over $50, delivery is free.


How to Shop at Office Depot

Since Office Depot can be considered an office superstore, it would be wise to know what an office needs before shopping online or in store. With out a list, the stores available products might prompt an individual to buy things that are not needed. Next, one would need to know what kind of budget their office is on, it is very easy to overspend in this office supply store. Lastly, it would be important to see what warranties, rebates, and services come with any products purchased.


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