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Office Depot has a lot to choose from when it comes to shopping for office supplies, in fact, this store could be considered an office superstore. Office Depot has online shopping and in store shopping to accommodate every office needs. There is one issue though, on numerous occasions, there have been complaints about Office Depot not honoring their return policies and having bad customer service in some of the branches. More
As with any online and walk in store, Office Max is full of mixed reviews. Some customers hated it and others loved it. Still, though, even with mixed reviews, Office Max is still an office supply store with a good variety of products to choose from. When an office needs supplies they will sometimes compare many different office supply vendors before making a choice; Office Max is one of the vendors some offices research. More
Office supplies, aside from people, are the key elements that allow an office run. It is important to find a good office supply store\vendor to obtain the supplies needed. Staples is an office supply store that offers a variety of office supplies and equipment. This is an online office store and a bricks and mortar office store. When considering any vendor, it might be wise to read any reviews written for them, in order to see how other customers were treated by the store and if there are any issues that might need to be considered. More
Any office that has or is shopping for office supplies knows the importance of comparison shopping. Comparison shopping is basically looking at different stores and comparing prices and products. This is done so as to find the best quality of products at the best price. One of the stores that may be considered is an online office store known as Amazon.com. Amazon.com is the office superstore to shop att. More
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