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Where to Purchase Office Supplies

The Problem with Office Supplies: Where to Buy Them

Many offices may have an issue choosing a way to purchase office supplies because there are a many ways to choose from. These ways could include online stores, mail order companies, office retail stores, or local office stores. Choosing a way to purchase supplies depends on individual offices needs. For instance, online stores or mail order companies might be better for a bulk order of office supplies, while, local office stores might be better for smaller, maybe home based, businesses.


Places to Purchase Office Supplies: Pros and Cons

There are many office supply stores and knowing what the pros and cons of the types of stores can be helpful when deciding where to purchase office supplies. Where a person or company buys office products depends on two things, what is needed and what quantity of that product is needed. A few ways to buy supplies are listed below.

  • Office Superstores: Stores like Staples and Office Depot, can offer a huge selection of office supplies for any type of office, whether itís a small, home office or a large business office. One can access these types of stores online and some of them in their home towns. One can buy a few items or buy in bulk at these types of office stores.
  • Online Stores: An office would find a variety of office supplies shopping online. It is easier to order in bulk online and some sites can keep a list of frequently bought items. The cost of shipping and handling can be an issue, but some stores offer free delivery if a certain amount of supplies has been ordered.
  • Mail order companies: This is a way to buy office products that is a lot like an online store, except that one may be able to walk into a local office supply store and order from a catalogue there. The biggest pro of buying supplies this way is that the product can be delivered to the office, but, there is always the chance of spending a lot on the shipping and handling.
  • Local Independent Office Supply stores are great for small businesses that do not need to order in bulk. This type of store is a brick and mortar store, meaning, an individual can walk in, buy what they need, and walk out with the product in their hands. These stores may or may not offer store brand stuff, but, these stores are great when an office product is needed right away. There is no shipping and handling, but, there may be lines to stand in.

Where to Buy Office Supplies: What Is Needed

In order to decide where to buy office supplies the business or person must first decide on what their office needs. If it is only one or two things, it might be better to go to a local office supply store, but, if a large quantity of office products is needed, then it might be better to order online or by mail. One must evaluate what is needed in order to know where to buy office supplies.


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