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What to Consider When Choosing an Office Supply Vendor

Offices Need Office Supply Vendors

There is a time when a person who works in or owns an office is going to need office supplies, which means, eventually this person may come in contact with an office supply vendor. In order to get the best and most useful office products, one must know what supply vendor to use. This is made very difficult because of the range of office supply vendors available to offices. One can not simply look at prices only; one must consider a list of things in order to choose the best vendor. By considering these things one has the confidence that they will be getting a reliable vendor who has quality products.

Why is there a Need to Choose Office Product Suppliers

A logical question that many people may be wondering is “Why is there a need to choose an officer supply vendor”. Offices can not choose the best priced any more because of the fact that the best priced might not be the best product. Plus, if one does not check out the vendor it is possible to be ripped off. It is essential to make sure that the product the vendor is offering has the entire package. This means that there must be good service, good quality products, a fair price, and great delivery time. These things are why it is important to choose an office vendor through researching and comparing.


Things to Consider Before Choosing an Officer Supply Vendor

There are many things that need to be considered when choosing an office supply vendor. Some of the things to consider are as follows:

  • What types of phone and/or fax numbers does the vendor have? This means to look for local phone numbers and/or toll free phone and fax numbers. There could be hidden fees or the possibility of being transferred to a call center which means that there chance of never talking to the same person twice. This is time to find out if ordering online or by email is possible.
  • What is the time frame in delivering and where will the vendor deliver to? An office needs to know when they will get the products and where the vendor will deliver them.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement? If there is a minimum order that is and it is not met, there could be a penalty fee.
  • What services are provided, meaning, do their products have warranties, is there a support center, are repair services offered, will the vendor offer to install equipment.
  • Pricing: Comparison shopping will help in assuring that an office is getting the best price, as product pricing can vary with each vendor. Consider the costs of shipping and handling, some vendors may offer free delivery if an order passes a certain price.
  • What selection is available? Consider what products are available and if what is offered is what the office needs. This includes seeing if there is a variety of any particular product to choose from. For instance, if the product is paper, is there photo paper, recycled paper, choices in quality, etc….


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