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Office Supply Products: Filing/Storage Items

Any type of office, whether it is home based or not, needs to have some sort of filing and/or storage system, in fact, filing and storage items should be a part of the office supply list. With out proper filing and/or storage a office will be a mess. There are many forms of filing and storage items that can be bought at any office supply store.

Filing the Old Fashioned Way

Amongst all of technology and new forms of filing and storage, some offices prefer to file and store items the old fashioned way. This means that the office will need a filling cabinet, drawer, or system in order to keep everything organized. There are other office supplies that need to be bought in order for this system to work. First of all, file folders are a must. One needs things to keep the paperwork of different clients and/or projects separate. After file folders, labels are needed to differentiate the files. Labels are one of the most important things in a filing system because these little office products provide places to see the names of the files. Of course, a filing cabinet would be very useful.


Safety with Office Products and Filing

Filing Cabinets come in different sizes and styles and an office must choose what is most functional for them. There could be one large filing cabinet or cabinets or small filing cabinets in for each person in the office. There are things that should be considered in order to keep the office and the people in the office safe. First of all, large filing cabinets should be placed against a wall when ever possible; doing this will make it less likely that a filing cabinet will fall forward onto the person using it. Another thing to consider also deals with the placement of the filing cabinet. It should go with out saying that a cabinet with drawers that slide out should be placed someplace where there is not a lot of traffic. One other thing that should be done is to regularly clean out the files of unused or barely used files and move them into storage.

Storage Systems should be an Office Product

Storage systems should be an office product because storage will be needed eventually. Storage systems could be a central filing system, book shelves, security boxes, and much more. An office should not be cluttered with things that could be stored. Even computer desks can be considered a storage system because it is the place where an individual keeps their computer system, pens, paper, or anything else used on a daily basis. There are safety precautions that can be taken with storage systems. It may be wise to try and keep all shelving units at shoulder height or, if this is not possible, try and anchor the top part of the shelving unit to the wall and get a step stool to get to out of reach items. It is also wise to store heavy items at the bottom of any storage unit to prevent things from falling or tipping over.


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