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Business Office Supply: Checks and Business Forms

What are business forms?

When shopping for business office supplies, the question of business forms come up. Business forms are any type of form a business uses including invoices, receipts, tax forms, etc…. In business, there are generally two types of forms, basic stock forms and custom designed forms. Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the businesses needs. Basic stock forms are the forms that any and every office can use. The office’s logo can be put on these forms, but it may cost extra depending on where the office will buy the forms. Customized business forms are forms made specified for a particular business. The following is a list of advantages of using custom business forms:

  • There are not any unwanted formats on forms.
  • They may look more professional to clients because they are specifically designed for a business.
  • They can prevent any errors on the forms because an individual office designed them.
  • They serve clients more effectively because the forms are designed for a specific office’s needs.


On the other hand, basic stock forms are just what they say, basic. There could be a number of unneeded or unwanted things or styles on these forms. The following are things an office should consider before ordering new forms:
  • What is needed on the forms?
  • What is the smallest form an office can get, but still have all the required information?
  • Who will use the forms, clients or employees?
  • Is there anything that can be deleted from a previous form to make the new ones more effective?

Business Checks

  • Every business needs checks as well as forms. All types of checks can be customized for the business. Business checks are divided into the following three categories:
  • Continuous Checks: These types of checks are printed through a specific type of printer called a continuous feed dot matrix printer. These checks are connected to each other by a perforation which allows for continuous printing.
  • Laser Checks: These checks can be printed from any laser printer by an office or company that has the appropriate software. The number of checks that can be printed at a time depends on the printer. Software to print these checks includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Money, CheckMark Software Inc., and Simply Money.
  • Manual Checks: These checks are filled out by hand, so the office may have to order the checks. These may be used when printing systems are down or if the checks are for a very small office. Manual checks can also be split into different categories which include three-on-a-page checks, traveler’s checks, compact business checks, and voucher checks.

Business should use business checks in order to be more efficient and to save money, as the checks can mostly be printed in large quantities. A business must decide what type of check and/or software will best suit the company before buying or printing anything.


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