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Buying Office Products: Small Business Phone Systems.

The Importance of Phone Systems in an Office

A business who has one or more offices knows the importance of having a phone system. This is a sure way of reaching out to clients and business associates. This essential office product can consist of one or more phones, voicemail, call waiting, forwarding, conferencing equipment, and more. A phone system will not only allow an office to reach their clients, but, it will also allow the clients to reach them. In order to buy this office product, an office will need to contemplate a few things. These things will help in finding the perfect small business phone system.


What to Consider When Searching for a Small Business Phone System

When searching online or offline office stores, it is important to find a phone system that is affordable and functional; this is possible if an office or the person searching for an office knows what to look for. The following are some ways as to what to look for in when choosing a small business phone system:

  • When possible, look for do-it-yourself phone systems. An office will save a lot of money if it can install and configure the phone system themselves.
  • Can the phone system incorporate cell phones into its system? This could mean being able to forward the office phone to a cell phone or by connecting all the employees phones into one main system. This cuts down on the numbers the clients have to remember.
  • Is the phone system capable of growing if the office grows? This pertains to growing technology and an expanding business. Tomorrows advancements may make a phone system become outdated, make sure that it can adapt to changes, like a hybrid system that has SIP standards.
  • How many people will be using the phone system? An office with four people will need a different phone system than an office with say, twenty people.
  • Lines and Extensions? How many lines will go out of the phone systems and how much equipment will be added to the phone.
    Types of Small Business Phone Systems
    There are three main types of phone systems available and each one has specific categories as to which small business or office should buy it. These three systems are key systems, private branch exchange systems (PBX), and KSU-less phones.
  • Key Systems: This system is common with offices and/or businesses with around five to forty people. This is basically a phone system that has a main control center and people would dial in extensions to reach the other phones.
  • PBX systems: This is a system used with an office/business with more than forty people. This system is programmable, making it able to connect with just about anything. It can be used for smaller offices that need an advanced phone system.
  • KSU-less systems: Used with an office of less than ten people, this system has three or four phone lines and can be controlled from the phone. This system will not grow with a business, so, this is better for home offices or very small businesses.


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