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Mailing and/or Postage Systems are Great Office Products

No one likes having to go to the post office to get stamps, especially an office that has more important things to worry about. It is a waste of time and money to stand in a line so that stamps can be purchased, packages and letters can be weighed, and everything else that goes with business mail. There are products that can be bought at office product stores that will solve this problem. There are products to print stamps, weigh packages, insert letters, and more. There is an issue that lies in the solution to business mail, how an office knows what mailing and/or postage products to get. The answer is simple; and office needs to judge how much mail and how many packages they mail out and then the office will have an idea as to what type of mailing system is right for their office. These office products can save time, money, and gas for an office that has a lot of mail.


Types of Mailing Systems

There are many office products that will help an office when it comes to mail and postage. A lot of these office products can be found online or at office supply stores. An office will need to consider the cost of the products as opposed to doing things themselves, if repair, maintenance, warranty, delivery, or any other service comes with the product, and will need to shop around to find the best prices before choosing and buying these office products. The different types of mailing and/or postage systems are as follows:

  • Paper Folding\Envelope stuffing machines: These machines will fold papers, insert them into an envelope, and then seal the envelope. Some machines will even fold several papers and insert other things with the papers. Most of these machines will cost over $1000.
  • Electric Letter Openers: This is an office product that will open letters and stack them neatly. Some openers can open a 100 letters a minute. The price range for this product can start at around $20 all the way up to $6000.
  • Shipping and Mailing Scales: This product will weigh a letter or package to see how much postage will cost. The costs can be from $20 to over $300.
  • Postage Machines: These office products will weigh and then print the appropriate postage to mail a letter or package. This item can run for about $20-$30 a month.
  • Any office can benefit from one or all of these products, but, it depends if the office has enough money to purchase some of them. A small office may not need as much as a large office, but, all can go to an office supply product store and find what is needed.


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