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Software is an Office Supply

Types of Software

Today, most offices will need computers, in turn; the computers will need software to function as they are needed. From this statement one could accurately assume that computer software is an important office supply product. The most common software that an office would use is in the area of accounting, business forms, and office functionality, because an office will need to handle money, make forms concerning the business, and simply create documents and media. Each category has various forms of software, but, each category also has software that is more popular than others.

The Most Popular Computer Software

One of the most well known and bought office product offered is through Microsoft. This is an internationally known product. Microsoft has one of the most qualified and functional office software to be found and is called Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office Suites. This office software can come in a few different variations, depending on the need of the office and are as follows:

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Microsoft Office Professional

While there are other versions of office software that can be bought, Microsoft is the one used the most. One can find word processing, excel, power point, and much more on this software. This software can range in price from around $50 to well over $300.

One of the most popular accounting software series available is called QuickBooks. This series can provide a small business or office the tools to manage their finances, do payroll, create invoices, and much more. This software series can range from $100 to $300.

Now, business forms can be bought or software can be found to make them at an office. Software, like SmartDraw will assist an office in creating any forms they may need, create flyers, maps, diagrams, and more. The most popular business forms are as follows:

  • Debt Collection Forms
  • Employment Forms
  • Tax forms
  • Human Resource Forms


How to Choose and/or Buy Software

The fist step in choosing these office products are to assess what the office needs are. A home based office may not need Microsoft Office Professional addition, just as a large business office may not need Microsoft Office Home edition. By assessing the needs of the office an individual will be able to see what software would work best for them.

The second thing to do is get online and compare reviews. Each site that sells these products will have reviews on them. This will allow an office to see how well the product worked for others.

The third thing is comparison shopping. While sites like Amazon.com has the prices and reviews of different products, an office may choose to go to a store (Office Depot) and shop there. It is still possible to compare the products offered in a store.

Lastly, it would be wise to see what services come with the software. Is there a warranty if the disk does not work? Is there a support center to help if an office has trouble learning the system?


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