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Buying Office Products for Data Storage

What is Data Storage Media drive?

Any office that has a computer knows the importance of saving their work. There is always the risk of something causing a computer to lose all of its memory or to many things on the computer slowing it down. This is why backing up data is so important. Data Storage Media/drive refers to anything that can be put in the computer to store data on and is then removed and kept somewhere else. There are various forms of office supplies that can be used to store data or media on. The cheaper ways to store data are floppy and hard disks. A more expensive way to back up data is to purchase an office product called a media drive. This is a device that can either be inserted into a computer or used as a wireless device to store an offices work. Any form of data storage can be found at any type of home office or business office supply stores. The way to choose is to decide how much storage space an office needs and how long the office needs to store the information.


Different Types of Media Drives and Which Ones to Use

  • Floppy Disks: This is the cheapest and the most at risk form of storage for data. An office can buy these at any office supply store or at any local store. These disks are used mainly for short documents or files, as this form of media has very little storage space. This media can be damaged by magnets, hot or cold temperatures, and have to be replaced every two years.
  • CD-R/ CD-RW: CD-R is used when an office needs only to copy something once, CD-RW are for an office that may want to copy and recopy work. This form of media is good because it will last from five to ten years, but, if not taken care of properly, the CD can be scratched and become unusable. Good for small data storage.
  • DVD-R/ DVD-RW: Much like a CD, DVD-R can only be burnt once and DVD-RW can be burnt more than once. This form of media is better at storing pictures, videos, graphics, audio, and documents. The life span is 30 to 100 years.
  • USB Drives: Usually a wireless product that transfers files from a computer to a USB drive put into the computer. This is great for offices that need to transfer a lot files frequently. The life span is about ten years for this media, but, it is expensive and is small enough to be lost easily.
  • External Hard Drive: Data can be transferred to this by a cable or by inserting the drive into the computer. The life span is about five years and this drive has the largest space for storage. This is a great back up for any office, especially if there is a lot of data that needs saving.


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