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Why an Office Needs a Planner

Organization is one of the key elements that can make an office successful. Organization not only refers to how one stores and files things in an office, but it also refers to daily, weekly, and even monthly planning. There are a few office supplies that can be used in keeping order in the planning that goes with office work, so as to keep things running in an efficient and structured manner. Although it is easy to obtain planners, it would be wise to consider what type of planner would be most capable for a particular office or person. To find the most efficient planner one must consider what they need to stay organized.

Types of Office Planners and How to Choose

When shopping at an office supply store, it does not matter if itís an online store or an independent office store, one will come across a variety of planners. This could be something as simple as a calendar or as complex as an electronic planner. With such a variety of office products available, one will need to have some knowledge as to the function of each one so as to choose which one to purchase. One of the main ways to choose a planner is to decide if it is better to turn on the computer or consult a calendar whenever one needs to access plans.


The following is a list of some of the planning products available:

Calendars: Calendars can range in price from a few dollars for a wall or desk calendar to a couple of hundred for electronic calendars. It is probably wise to have both of these. A wall calendar can work as a reminder as to what is happening on certain days and electronic calendars can go into more detail.

The following is how to choose and obtain electronic office calendars

  • Places like Yahoo offer free online calendars that come with options to create lists and to schedule events.
  • There are many other sites and online stores that have the option of downloading or ordering electronic calendars/planners.
  • How much the office product costs at each site?
  • Is there a variety there is to choose from?
  • What features are available?

Electronic Planners: These types of planners can include software installed to a computer, like Microsoft Works/Office Suite, or hand held planners. Now days, even a cell phone can be a planner. Then there is an Electronic Copy board, which is a dry erase board that can download information to be stored on a computer. One needs to consider the following before buying anything:

  • Pricing: Some products can cost well over $1000 and others under $100.
  • Features offered: Software can offer different features, decide which features are most important. Comparison shopping is a good thing to do, sites like
  • Bizrate.com and Amazon.com will allow a person to view and compare different office products.
  • What software is compatible with an individualís computer?


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