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Some offices have the need to use a copier, printer, and a fax machine. Each one needs paper, ink/toner, and power, meaning the energy used to run the machine. The advancement of technology has offer a solution to wasting money and energy on these three products by offering an office product that combines the three into one. A multifunction printer that can copy and send faxes will save space in an office and cut down on the costs of operating all three separately. This type of office product may cost more to buy, but, in the long run, it saves money on the things needed to supplies needed to operate it. Plus, this multi function office product will also cut down on the time spent going from the printer, to the copier, and then two the fax machine. This means that an office is saving money and time. However, there may be disadvantages to buying and all in one printer/copier/fax machine.


Why Not to Buy a Multi-Function Office Product

Just as some offices have a need for a printer, copier, and fax machine, other offices may not have a need for all of them. If this is the case, there are disadvantages to buying an all in one office product. Some offices may just need to print and copy or to just print and fax. Either way, it would not be smart to invest a lot of money into a combined printer/copier/fax machine because not all of the parts will be used. There are three questions that can be asked to determine if a multifunction product is needed and what type might be needed. These questions are as follows:

  • What type of printer resolution is needed? If an office needs to print photos, then a high resolution printer and scanner may is the best choice, but, if photos will not be involved it is alright to go with a lower resolution.
  • Is the fax function going to be used? While it is true that most businesses need to fax, not all offices will need to. Plus, it is better if inkjet fax or printer functions are not used to conduct business because inkjet can be damaged easily.
  • Can ink cartridges be found and how fast does the product print or copy? First of all, certain printer companies do not have generic brands of ink/toner cartridges available, it is important to know if the multi function printer will have cartridges easily available. Then, if an office buys a slow printer and copier, there is a lot of time wasted, so, it is important to find out how fast the office product runs.


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