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Office Products that Need Ink and Toner

What is Ink and Toner?

The first thing to understand about buying and/or using ink and toner is what these office supplies are. First of all, toner is a special type of powdered ink used by copiers and printers that uses electrical charges, heat, and pressure to stick it to paper. Ink is just what is says, ink. These are used in inkjet and other types of printers in the form of a cartridge that sprays out ink in order to print words or pictures on paper. Both types of printers and/or copiers have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to what type of ink or toner to buy. For instance, a laser printer will cost more to buy, but, the ink/toner is cheaper for this printer. On the other hand, and inkjet printer is cheaper, but, the ink cartridges cost more. It really depends on an offices budget and what the needs of the office are as to what is better ink or toner.


How to Buy Ink/Toner

As stated above, one must first realize the difference in inks and toners and what type of printers, fax machines, and copiers use each or both ink and toner. The following is a list of tips on how to buy the office supplies:

  • Know what type of ink or toner your office product uses. For instance, printers take different types of ink/toners; usually there is a code on the printer saying what type ink/toner it takes.
  • Research and compare prices from different office supply stores or online office stores to see who has the best price and quality of ink/toner needed.
  • Most ink/toner cartridges are refillable or are able to be recycled. This is something to research as well, because, used cartridges may cost less than new ones and some stores offer a discount if an individual were to bring in an old cartridge to be recycled when buying new ones.
  • If an office prints a lot, ink cartridges can be cheaper if bought in bulk. The only problem with this is making sure that all of the ink will be used before it expires.
  • If ordering from an online office supply store, consider the costs of shipping and handling. These costs can add up to be more than the actual ink/toner cartridges.
  • Consider if the printer or copier is getting the most use out of ink/toner cartridges, which means, comparing how much ink/toner is being bought as to how much the printer or copier is putting out. This will give an idea of how much money an office is spending.
  • How fast does a vendor or online store deliver the office supplies to the office?
  • Is there a money back guarantee if something was wrong with the cartridges?


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