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Getting Paper Products with your Office Supplies

Different Office Products Need Different Paper Products

Each office has a need for different types of office products, which means that each office may need different types of paper products. It is important to know what types of paper go with each type of office product and if there are different types of paper for each product. This may take some research if an individual is new to an office or it may be common sense. The first thing to understand about paper products is the different things that may be used in an office that needs paper. These office products may include the following:

  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Copiers

Each of these office products may need different types of paper. It is possible that there are different types of paper to choose from for each product. It really depends on the nature of the business as to what type of paper is needed, so, knowing ones business is a good first step in knowing what type of paper to buy.


Types of Paper Products

It should go with out saying that a fax machine will need fax paper, but, what may not be known is that there are basically two types of fax machine paper: thermal paper and plain paper. The type of paper one needs depends on the type of fax machine there is. Laser and ink jet fax machines will use plain paper and thermal fax machines will use thermal paper.

Printers also use different types of paper; the difference between printers and fax machines is there is a lot more types of printer paper to choose from. Once again, sometimes it depends on the type of printer or what the printer is used for as to what type of paper is needed. If pictures are printed, then photo paper is in order, if only text documents are printed, then plain printer or copier paper can be used. Laser and ink jet printers can use glossy or matte finished papers and photo papers come in different grades (quality of paper and the finish on the paper). There are many grades of paper for printers and copiers; this refers to the brightness and texture of a paper.

Copiers are probably the easiest machine to buy paper for because an office can use just about any grade of paper in this machine. One type of paper that may not be considered for a copier, or any machine using paper, is recycled paper. Recycled paper is not much different in cost or quality than any other type of paper, it is just more environment friendly.

After knowing what type of paper goes with what machine, one must know what the paper is going to be used for. For instance, letter may need different paper than invoices and brochures may need different paper than presentations. As stated above, the type of paper needed depends on the type of business using the paper.


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