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Office Products: Desk Accessories

What are Desk Accessories?

Who doesnít love desk accessories; these are the things that make a desk organized and sometimes add a personal touch. The thing is, one needs to know what type of desk accessories are needed as compared to what desk accessories are wanted. It is important to know the difference between needs and wants so as not to waste money or desk top space. In order to obtain these particular office supplies, one will need to do a little shopping at an office supply store. This is where knowing what are needs and wants becomes useful because there are a wide variety of desk accessories to choose from. One other thing to remember is that desk accessories, similar to any other office product, do not have to be the most expensive or the top brand to be of a good quality to serve the purpose of organizing a desk top.


Types of Desk Accessories

Desk accessories need to be chosen depending on the type of work done in the office, but, there are common desk accessories that are common in most office. These common office supplies are not limited to, but are as follows:

  • A storage cup or tray to hold things like pens, pencils, scissors, highlighters, or any other type of writing utensil.
  • A letter sorter. This is an office product used to separate and/or organize letters received or needing to be mailed.
  • File Tray: This is used to hold files currently being used or files that need to be filed.
  • Trays or bins to hold paper clips, staplers, post itís, or anything else commonly used.
  • Containers to hold information on business contacts.
  • Drawer organizers.
  • Pictures, small plaques with clever statements, or anything that will make the desk personal to an individual.
  • Maybe a clock, lamp, mouse pad, or stress ball. Things that make a desk unique.

Desk accessories are basically any type of office product that makes an individualís desk personal, functional, and organized according to that individualís specific use of a desk. Desk accessories apply to the inside and the top of the desk. These office products can be found just about anywhere, unless the individual wants high class accessories, then they might have to shop at an office supply store or an online office supply store. It does not matter, unless there is a budget involved, if one gets expensive or not so expensive desk accessories, because they both will serve the purpose of keeping a desk organized while adding a personal touch.


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